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The contact information you give on this form is for the sole use of Fanwoods Outdoor Activity centre in relation to your booking of onsite activities. Fanwoods Outdoor Activity Centre does not share any personal / contact details of our customers with any third parties for any reason whatsoever.

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Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

Please note- email bookings are provisional only. Confirmation is subject to receipt of a completed form within two weeks of the provisional booking. Payment to be made 4 weeks prior to your booking

  • All Fanwood Adventurous Activities are booked for a one-hour session. Multiple sessions, of the same activity, should run consecutively. Therefore, long breaks between active sessions will be regarded as time on session and will be charged accordingly.
  • If you are booking 3,consecutive, sessions of any activity and need a Fanwoods instructor, please be aware that there will be a 10-minute break between session 2 & 3.
  • If you have your own instructor, remember to allow time to set up and pack away all activity equipment. Any defects, breakages, or other issues with any of the equipment provided must be reported to the duty warden when you hand the equipment and keys back. Damages may be subject to an extra charge.
  • All Fanwood Adventurous Activities are required to be led by an experienced and qualified instructor. If you have your own qualified instructors, they must provide a copy of their qualification or site-specific permit along with evidence of their up-to-date mandatory training with the booking form.

You must report to the warden on arrival and before departure.


All visitors must adhere to the Campsite Rules. Therefore, by signing this form you confirm that all members of your Group will abide by the Campsite rules.


Fanwood Campsite is not held liable for and is to be held indemnified by the Hirer in respect of any loss, damage or personal injury incurred by the Hirer or by any persons resorting to the premises by reason of the use thereof by the Hirer.